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About Sokoj

Sokoj protects rights of composers, songwriters, arrangers and other right holders in respect of musical works of all genres. Sokoj - Serbian Music Authors' Organization was founded in 1950. It is the oldest and until recently the only organization for collective protection of music copyright and related rights.

Sokoj represents, on the basis of their authorizations, over 9.000. domestic authors and copyright holders, and more than 2.000.000. foreign authors, on the basis of 101 bilateral agreements concluded with foreign copyright societies.

Sokoj is presently organized as a very model of contemporary European society for collective management of copyright. Sokoj performs its activity on the basis of Copyright and Related Rights Act ("Official Gazette of Serbia and Montenegro no.61/04) and appropriate authorization obtained, in accordance with the law, from Intellectual Property Office.

Sokoj, as a non-profit organization, performs two basic groups of activities:

  • issuing licenses for public performing and broadcasting protected music works;
  • collects adequate remuneration from users of those works; distributes and effects payment of collected remuneration, to authors and other copyright holders both in the country and abroad.

By operating continuously for more than half a century, Sokoj, as a leading institution of the region in this field, has played important role in establishing and developing the system of copyright legal protection, struggle for better economic status of domestic music authors, protection of rights of foreign authors, as well as the promotion of national cultural values.


The core mission of Sokoj is collective management of copyright on behalf of over 11,000 domestic music, lyrics, and arrangement authors and other holders of copyright in musical works of all genres. On the basis of more than a 100 bilateral agreements with foreign copyright societies, Sokoj also collectively manages copyright of approx. 4,000,000 foreign authors and the music’s copyright holders.

The vision of Sokoj is to become a modern, efficient, and transparent system for collective management of copyright and related rights, recognised for services provided both in the country and internationally.

In order to improve our performance, thus providing our users with a high-quality service and a reliable partner, we have implemented a Quality Management System in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and Information Security Management System in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001/2013 standard. The Integrated Management System is based on the principles of focusing on and dedicating to the users, security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Sokoj’s entire information assets, process orientation, systemic management approach, providing business continuity, and constant improvement.

The policy applies to all business processes in connection with documents and information or their processing where information technologies are used to:

1.     determine the tariff of fees and collect author fees from the users of the Sokoj repertoire in the Republic of Serbia;

2.     keep records of the used repertoire and distribute royalties to domestic and foreign authors and right holders;

3.    receive, control, and distribute royalties from foreign copyright societies earned by Sokoj members abroad.

Requests of the users, including their personal data, are in focus of protection in terms of information security, and are interpreted and represented as part of contractual obligations and internal documents of Sokoj. The Senior Management, as a preventive measure and on a regular basis, assesses and manages security risks arising out of the operating activities, which refer to information resources. Conscious decisions are made during risk management regarding acceptance, limitation, reduction, and transfer of impact of security risks.

In order to achieve the above we:

·      build fair relations with our users, value their requests and remarks with the aim of meeting the expectations and improving our services;

·      choose reliable suppliers with whom we build partnership relations and develop mutual trust, taking into account requirements for the security of documents and information as well as interests of our users, so to ensure confidentiality, continuity and quality of work;

·      determine quality and information security objectives, whereas the achievement degree is checked and assessed using procedures of our management system at established time intervals;

·      are committed to meeting legal and contractual requirements governing the field of our operating activities;

·      regularly assess and manage risks arising from work process regarding assets, information and services. We endeavour to bring the assessed risks to an acceptable level thus constantly improving our Information Security Management System;

·      continually improve Quality Management System and Information Security Management System;

·      train our employees and external associates on the requirements regarding information security and quality of service provision.

In order to safeguard information security, incident management, quality management, and compliance with standards, our director, employees, and external associates are well aware of their obligations and responsibilities as defined in their job description or contracts, and must provide all the conditions for this Policy to be fully implemented.


In Belgrade, on 12 April 2018


                                                                                                                                                          Aleksandar Kovačević